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Mother's Day Rakhi Valentine's Day
Infuse the sweetness in Holi with delicious taste of cakes

Posted on: 2014年3月15日

Holi is best defined as the festival of colors. It is also addressed as the celebration of love, joy and happiness... Read More..
Fill the heart of your loved ones with luscious taste of cakes on Valentine’s Da

Posted on: 2014年2月12日

It is rightly said that we as a human being carry lots of emotions at the same time. There are some emotions that cannot be expressed in mere words only. ... Read More..
Walk in the cloud with sensuous Valentine offerings

Posted on: 2014年2月7日

Valentine’s Day is the most significant event in every lover’s life and is acclaimed on February 14 each year. It is celebrated in many countries around the worl... Read More..
Let your friends feel like heaven with delicious Cakes and Gifts on Friendship Day

Posted on: 2013年8月3日

Friends are the most important part of our life. As an intrinsically social creature, men love to make friends. Considering the valuable role friends play in our life we have dedicated a day to friends and Friendship Day has come to be celebrated in a big way in India. In tune with the spirit of the occasion, people dedicate Friendship Day festival to their best friends.... Read More..
Express your love for your Brother and Sister with Cakes on Rakhi

Posted on: 2013年8月2日

Rakhi is best expressed as the sacred and chaste love and affection between Brother and Sister. This is celebrated on the full moon day. Rakhi is also known as Raksha Bandhan is celebrated all over the world with great joy and happiness.... Read More..
Rakhi online bond of love for Brothers and Sisters with Cakes and Gifts

Posted on: 2013年7月23日

Rakhi is a very important Hindu festival. It celebrates the bond of love and affection that a brother and sister shares within the family. This day is very significant and honorable for Brothers and Sisters as well as the family. It is celebrated in respect of the cherishing bonds of these two family members.... Read More..
Make your bond of love very special on Rakhi

Posted on: 2013年7月19日

Rakhi is the festival celebrating the sacred and chaste bond of love and affection between Brother and Sister. This is celebrated all over the world with great joy and happiness. The flow of love of Sister to toward Brother is best seen on Rakhi festival.... Read More..
Share your love with Cakes on Rakhi Festival

Posted on: 2013年7月9日

Rakhi is one of the most famous festivals of Hindu religion. This festival is celebrated all over the world with great zeal and enthusiasm. This festival is considered as the wonderful Gift of India culture. Rakhi is mainly celebrated for representing the sacred bond of love and affection between Brother and Sister.... Read More..
Love expressed though Cakes and Gifts for Siblings delivering Happiness

Posted on: 2013年7月5日

Rakhi is a very special festival for every Indian. This is celebrated to honor the relation between a Brother and a Sister. Every Indian eagerly waits for this day through out the year. While in India or away from India, Indians don’t miss the chance of celebrating Rakhi. Every Indian household at every region celebrates this festival that is meant for brothers and sisters... Read More..
This Rakhi make your bond of love very special with Cakes and Gifts

Posted on: 2013年6月28日

Rakhi is the festival celebrating the sacred and chaste bond of love and affection between Brother and Sister. This is celebrated all over the world with great joy and happiness. The flow of love of Sister to toward Brother is best seen on Rakhi festival.... Read More..
The Moment of happiness is forever with Cakes and Gift on Father’s Da

Posted on: 2013年6月15日

The role of Father in the life of each and every individual carries lots of importance. From the birth to the whole life, he stands by the side of us. He makes his all effort to make us a good human being. We learn so many things from Father.... Read More..
Love for you Father described with Cakes and Gifts

Posted on: 2013年6月14日

Father’s Day is the date that glorifies our dear Father in a special manner. Father stands out to be as an embodiment of love and care. He is the one who has fulfilled all our wishes and dreams in every possible way. He has been there by our sides for every moment... Read More..
Send Gifts saying “Love You Daddy” on this Father’s

Posted on: 2013年6月13日

Only a week is left as you celebrate Father’s Day that is supposed to be celebrated on 16th June, 2013. Are you done with the preparation? Father’s Day happens to be the date and the time when you can make him feel that how special is your Father for yo... Read More..
Infuse the happiness with Cakes on Father’s Da

Posted on: 2013年6月10日

Father’s Day is one of the most important days that is celebrated with great joy and happiness in all over the world. This day is mainly celebrated for the honour of the relationship between Father and Son. In the deep sense it stands for the parental bond of love and affection... Read More..
Cakes and Gifts for Doting Daddy Exclusively on Father’s Da

Posted on: 2013年6月6日

Our parents are the most lovable persons in our lives. Like Mothers, Fathers too are equally important in life of any child. If mothers have given us birth to this world then Fathers are the persons who have hold our fingers as we learn to walk and also during our growing years.... Read More..
Special Birthday Cakes waiting for special persons

Posted on: 2013年5月24日

Feeling sad because you are away from your dear ones on their Birthdays? Are you missing the enjoyments, merriment and fun of the last year Birthday Celebration when you are there in the city giving company to your best friend or to your closest family member?... Read More..
Make Warm Wishes with Cakes on Wedding Ceremony

Posted on: 2013年5月23日

There are various kinds of celebrations, which are celebrated with joy and happiness. We get together, spend some more time with family and share our love and affections with our loved ones. There are also so many occasions or ceremony that leave a cherished memories on our mind as well heart. Wedding ceremony is very special for the couple.... Read More..
Wishes Delivered with Cakes for Staying Together Forever on Anniversaries

Posted on: 2013年5月16日

Life enters into a new phase a person starts traveling it with partner. This new phase is really wonderful. Marriage is the most important event in the life of every individual. It ties two hearts in a single string. As the two souls are united together life seems to be complete.... Read More..
Delivery of Love on Mother’s Day with Cakes and Flowe

Posted on: 2013年5月11日

Mother’s Day is one of the most special days, which is celebrated for the honor of Mother. When we hear the word Mother our heart fill up with affectionate love. This is truly a magical word that creates wonder when it is sprinkled with mouth... Read More..
Happiness means to spend some more time with family and sharing special moments with them

Posted on: 2013年5月9日

Sorrow and Happiness is the two manifestations of a single thing that indeed goes by the name of life. Sometime we feel happy and sometime we are not. The only reason behind is that we fail to establish coordination between fair and foul. ... Read More..
Greet your Mother with Pineapple Cake and arrangement of 100 Red Roses on this Mother’s Da

Posted on: 2013年5月8日

It is rightly said that mother can take any place but no one can take place of Mother. A Mother stands for every relation. She can be your best friends. She can be your intimate loved ones.... Read More..
Share special bond of love with your Mother accompanied by special Cakes, Flowers and Dry Fruits

Posted on: 2013年5月7日

“Mothers” happen to be the best and the most important person in anybody’s life. They are the actual person who is supposed to be credited for the creation of every single individ... Read More..
Celebrate this Mother’s Day with luscious taste of Cake

Posted on: 2013年5月7日

Mother’s Day is one of the most appreciable days in the Indian Calendar, which stands for the honor of sacred relationship between Mothers and their child. There are lots of relations we maintain in our general life... Read More..
Make this Mother’s Day special with the delicious taste of Cake

Posted on: 2013年5月4日

We as a human being carry lots of relations at the same time, which are all more or less responsible for happiness and sorrow. We maintain various kinds of relations with subtle care and attentions. One of the most distinguished relations exists on this earth is the sacred relations between child and Mother.... Read More..
Best Mom Forever Wishes with Cakes and Gifts

Posted on: 2013年5月3日

Mothers can be best described as creators. They are the persons who show us light of this earth. Since a baby arrives in the womb of a Mother it develops a special bonding with her as it gradually grows and develops there.... Read More..
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